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Judith Winston,

Teacher and Student of Life


The Grandmother Tree:
A Resource For Women

A series of personalized and group
sessions designed to help women
through transitions and challenges. 
Together we explore the opportunity
for internal growth, self-awareness
and inspirational practices. Self-honor, appreciation and acceptance are at
the core of this work.


Health Touch NC, LLC
3500 Westgate Ave, Suite 504
Durham, NC 27707


Potential goals in your work with
The Grandmother Tree

  1. Peace and Equanimity: An in–depth discovery of what gifts and skills can be built into your life for the challenges you face, both great and small. Learn what resources you have and why it’s important to be aware of and utilize what creates peace and equanimity in your life.
  2. Balance and Focus: In times of crises, deep grief work, life changes (marriage, divorce, death of a dear one, new career, etc.) get the support you need to successfully move through these events and find strength, self-awareness, fulfillment and joy within the journey.
  3. Daily Inspiration: Exploring your belief system and allowing Spirit to invite you into an ever-expanding personal & spiritual journey.


Energy Tools and Techniques

Personal chakra analysis and
practical applications of the chakra system


Creativity, self talk, artistic temperament


Dream exploration, vision boards,
mandalas, energy work


Business building incorporating your
heart and intuition




Zuzanna Vee offers

Process Oriented Tarot Readings

“For those who treat the cards with respect,
they are your best-friend.”

                         - Gypsy saying

I am a Slovak Roma with almost 20 years reading
tarot professionally. A tarot reading is a snapshot
of the moment you ask your question. Together
we will look at what the cards have to say and work out strategies to meet the future in a sacred,
balanced way. Nothing is ever written in stone;
you always have choices. The cards can bring a
bright light to shine upon issues that are clouded
or clarity when too many options are presented.



readings at Health Touch by appointment

$65 hour/$80 hour & a half


I am also a certified herbalist
(Rosemary Gladstar 1995/owner Zuzu’s Petals)

and yoga therapist (The Yoga for Health
Foundation, Beds. England 1987).

From 2008-2012 I studied art in NYC and

have shown in a variety of venues in

both the NYC and the Triangle.


Creating a Legacy of Unconditional Love


Ka Ta See:

Setting the world
in balance


All of us working
to set the
world in balance.

Barb Culbertson Shaman,
Ka Ta See Tradition


Study the Skills of Unconditional Love

according to an ancient tradition from the

Eastern Andes of Peru


They teach us through beautiful ceremonies
and practices about

Working together to build a world full of
kindness and thriving for ourselves,
our families and friends and
the generations to come. 

sessions by phone or by Skype


tmo education center

TMO Education Center
in North Raleigh 


Opening August 1st


Located at:

Therapeutic Massage Offices
6330 Falls of Neuse Road, Suite 102   

Raleigh, NC 27615


Offering Classes in Personal Growth

and Professional Development


To view our schedule of classes, visit


The classroom is also available for rental

at reasonable prices.


Email: or

visit the website for more information



Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs,

Sliding-Scale Acupuncture Clinic,

Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy,

 and Reiki Energy Healing


Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss, L.Ac. (NC Lic. #355)


natures for you

Nature's For You


Products to Heal & Harmonize

Mind, Body, and Soul


Stones and Crystals

Smudge and Incense

Aromatherapy, Jewelry, and

much, much more….


Matthews & Son

Complete Tile Service, Design and Installation

George Matthews



“The finest compliment I can receive is a referral from my friends and customers.”

Thanks, George 


Emergence Chiropractic

a gentle approach with powerful healing results


Dr. Jeanne LaPointe, D.C.


Dr. John Bennedetto, D.C.


Helping you and your family regain and maintain vibrant health naturally.


For All Ages At All Levels of Health



sunflower Perfect Balance NC 


….bringing balance to your life


Time to get your house in order?

Call us to fulfill your cleaning needs.

Let's Feel Centered!


Call Jessie Bennington at: 919-908-7131

or email at:


nancy mayer

Nancy Mayer,

Attorney at Law

Helping you use the law wisely


Disability, Elder & Immigration Law, Wills,

Power of Attorneys, etc.

LLC/PLLC fillings for your business




Evening and weekend appointments

Private Psychic Readings


Soul Intuitive Coaching Classes





Moksha Sharon Kolman

Registered Polarity Educator,
Licensed Massage Therapist,
Ordained Interfaith Minister




For more information visit our website:


everybody needs a nurse logo

Everybody Needs
A Nurse


At Everybody Needs A Nurse,
our mission is to help our clients
rediscover good quality of life.
Our RNs' knowledge and caring
provide the guidance you are looking for.
Come to us when you don't know where
to begin and we will help you sort
through your options.


Everybody Needs A Nurse. . .to help you navigate the health care system.
Because you can never have
too many happy birthdays.

Build Your Business From Your Heart


Judith Winston offers business building
from a
spiritual standpoint. She shares
with you how
she created the strong
practice that she enjoys and
gives you the tips, both practical and spiritual, that

have created her success.


Intention is key to manifestation!

Call to set up your appointment today!

$50/hour for Health Touch non-members
$35/hour for Health Touch members


Judith Winston, LMBT

NC License #196, RPP, Reiki II

919-490-4656 or 919-906-3528


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Health Touch NC LLC

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Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss


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Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss 919-308-8999

or email