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Referal Practitioners offer a variety of classes at Health Touch. Each of the Referral Practitioners have skills and practices to enhance your life whether learning a healing modality or through an exercise or movement program. The Continuing Education classes are scheduled throughout the year (see Events page for schedule). Please contact the individual teachers to register for a class.


Holistic Education Courses offered are:

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Moksha Sharon Kolman at Lotus Blossom Wellness

Throughout her career, which began in 1984, Moksha has taught individuals and offered classes in the work to which she has been called. Introductory, Associate (APP) and Registered (RPP) level programs in Polarity Therapy are taught by Moksha who brings great wisdom as well as practical skills to her students.


A past member of the Board of Directors for the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA), the national governing body for polarity therapists in the USA, Moksha is a certified Polarity Educator and her polarity courses are APTA approved.


Moksha also teaches Reiki (Universal Life Energy), an ancient and powerful form of healing which is applied with the hands. Reiki treats the mind, body, feelings and spirit. It brings more clarity, vitality, wellness and peace of mind. Moksha is a traditional Reiki Master honoring the teachings of her lineage. She offers First and Second Degree Reiki, Advanced Second degree classes - Deepening with Reiki, and Master-level apprenticeships.


Anyone who expresses an interest and who is able to uphold the integrity which this work requires is willingly accepted as a student.


Moksha Kolman, LMBT #204, has practiced and taught Polarity Therapy, massage and natural healing since 1984 and Reiki since 1988. Currently she practices at Lotus Blossom Wellness at Health Touch in Durham.


Holistic Education Courses offered:

Continuing Education (CE) Courses:

Polarity Therapy Training: Based on theory and techniques developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, Polarity Therapy Training is a year long course designed to facilitate optimal health for clients. Polarity Therapy is a natural health care system that works with the Human Energy Field. The client and practitioner work together to address physical, mental and emotional energy blocks in a safe, supportive environment. The energy session includes physical contact points that address patterns in the client’s energy anatomy using light touch, medium compression and gentle rocking motions. The client generally experiences a deep sense of well-being and relaxation during the session. Additionally, relationships to food and eating, exercise, self-awareness and lifestyle may be discussed. Some of the protocols may include balancing the nervous system, addressing digestion, circulatory, respiratory or other physical issues. This therapy is very useful when massage therapy is contraindicated.


  1. Introduction to Polarity Therapy:

    Open to all who are interested! Polarity Therapy allows us to come into the present moment and connect deeply with ourselves and others. This gentle yet powerful work balances and heals the body, mind and emotions. To facilitate the free flow of energy, we use diet, exercise, positive thinking and energetic touch. We work with natural reflexes of the body which provide quick and effective relief from pain, tension and stress.Participants learn new ways to take good care of themselves and others. Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome. Polarity Therapy is especially helpful for bodyworkers and healthcare professionals and anyone embracing transitions in their life. (Energetic Touch Sessions will focus on the opening and closing moves and the Star patterns.)

Reiki Training: Reiki is an ancient form of Natural Healing, which has been re-introduced during the last century by Dr. Mikao Usi from Japan. It is a simple yet powerful method of amplifying Ki, the universal life force energy. Reiki is applied with the hands by an attuned practitioner and addresses all levels of well-being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is highly effective fo rreducing stress, tension and pain and for promoting specific healing. Reiki can help reveal you Self to you and bring you to wholeness and balance.
  1. First Degree Reiki   Cost: $195 (deposit $100) 10 CE Hours
  2. Second Degree Reiki  Cost: $295 (deposit $150) 10 CE Hours
  3. Deepening with Reiki  Cost: $65 (deposit $35) 4 CE Hours Advanced study class for 2nd and 3rd Degree Reiki Practitioners Come join us in an afternoon of sharing and healing and growing deeper with the wonderful transformational power of Reiki. Main Focus: The Chakras. Also includes: Review of Second Degree Basics, Planetary Healing, Groupwork and Sharing with the Symbols, Deepening with the Symbols and Combining Reiki with massage and other healing modalities.

BodyTalk Access: Cost $150 and offers 6.5 CE's for: NCBTMB, AHNA,  NCCAOM, NASW, ACEP.  Designed to be used by any layperson or health care provider to bring about significant improvement in health using five simple energy-based balances that are learned in one day and implemented in 5 to10 minutes. For the individual or family the balances are part of the daily routine to maintain health: preventing illness, addressing injury, and relieving stress.  For the health care professional the balances are seamlessly integrated into the session to improve the clients’ ability to “hold” the new balance acheived during the session.  Health Touch Members - 30% discount. 

To learn more about The BodyTalk System go to www.ToniStevens.com or www.bodytalksystem.com.

Cranial Unwinding Cost: $125 6 CE Hours  Learn unwinding techniques from Polarity Therapy and CranioSacral therapy. In this class we will explore Dr. Stone's emotional and mental qualities associated with the cranium and learn unwinding techniques for the scalp, neck and head. The techniques focus on increasing range of motion and flexibility as well as relieving tension and pain - physical, mental and emotional.  Taught by Moksha Sharon Kolman ( www.lotusblossomwellness.com).
Ethics - A Chakra Approach 3 CE Hours Taught by Moksha (www.lotusblossomwellness.com).
Sacred Space of the Heart Cost: $250 (deposit $125) 12 CE Hours  This workshop offers a space to create safety for healing our hearts, for exploring energetic boundaries, for connecting with the Devine One Heart, for developing a conscious loving presence which accepts in compassion another's journey. Includes: Music, Art, Meditation, Sacred Song and Movement, Polarity Energetic Touch working with the heart and the ethics of caring. Taught by Moksha (www.lotusblossomwellness.com).

Moksha Kolman, LMBT #204, has practiced and taught

Polarity Therapy, massage and natural healing since 1984 and

Reiki since 1988. Currently she pactices at

Lotus Blossom Wellness at Health Touch in Durham.


Lotus Blossom Wellness is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as a continuing education provider.



For information and registration,

call Moksha at 919-384-5406

or email at mokshakolman@gmail.com


Most classes are held at:


Health Touch

3500 Westgate Dr, Suite 504E

Durham, NC 27707

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Please send deposits of 1/2 the class fee (unless otherwise noted)

at least 3 weeks before class begins to the address above.

Make checks payable to Lotus Blossom Wellness.


For more information, flyers and schedule updates, visit our website at www.lotusblossomwellness.com


Other Courses offered:
  1. Astrology Classes:This eleven week seminar addresses the fundamental principles of Astrology. Through lecture, discussion and extensive handouts, you will learn the language of Astrology and begin a journey into personal growth. Classes are 1 1/2 hour long. Taught by Barbara-Lynn Freed.  For current scheduling see www.TransformationalStudies.com. Students are asked to bring their birth charts to class.


  1. Web of Life Seminars: Drawing on the world’s shamanic, wisdom traditions, many of our seminars work with myth and ceremony. While creating new opportunities for growth and healing, this approach teaches you how to shift personal and world perceptions. These experiences, in turn, help you to reconnect with the earth, and sense the sacredness of life. Each seminar promises to be thought provoking and is designed to encourage renewed awareness of our surrounding environment. Taught by Barbara-Lynn Freed.

Terms and Conditions


Each practitioner sets their own terms and conditions.  Generally, sessions range from one to two hours. This may include the intake session, bodywork and session feedback. Be prepared to fill out a health history form at your first session.


Most practitioners require twenty-four hour notice to cancel an appointment. Speak with individual practitioners regarding session charges. Most practitioners will require clients to pay for an appointment that is not cancelled without twenty-four hour notice. Most practitioners require payment upon session completion. Please make your check payable to the individual practitioner.


Although these practitioners are located in the same office, they are separate businesses and are not in partnership with Health Touch NC LLC or with each other.