Moksha Sharon Kolman



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Moksha Kolman is a Registered Polarity Practitioner, Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist. She also has extensive training in Body-Mind Centering, Neuromuscular Therapy and re-Evaluation Counseling. Moksha has practiced and taught Polarity and other healing arts since 1984.


Throughout her life she has studied with numerous teachers and healers. Since she was a child, she has valued the plant kingdom and incorporates many gifts from the healing plants in her work. Currently, Moksha is in private practice and teaches in the Triangle area.


One of Moksha’s goals in her work is to bring greater ease into the lives of her clients. Initially, there is a consultation to gather information and discuss therapeutic choices. Sessions are tailored to the particular needs of each person. Moksha empowers her clients by sharing tools and information for helping themselves on their journey to wellness.


Her work is very supportive during times of transition and challenge. Often, Moksha recommends changes in diet, attitudes or life style. Energetic exercises which facilitate the healing process are also taught. Most sessions involve hands-on bodywork with is gentle and deeply relaxing. After a session with Moksha, clients consistently report feeling more energy, clarity and balance.



Business Name: Lotus Blossom Wellness

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