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Rinah Rachel is an ordained interfaith clergy member, ordained Maggidah (Jewish spiritual support) , Reiki master, trained facilitator and guide, hospice companion, certified earth guide, and licensed teacher for over two decades. Rinah is also a storyteller, artist, activist, and woman in recovery. In 2018, Rinah became the founder and director of Our Sacred Circles (OSC), a community oasis for justice, healing, and creative work in Durham, North Carolina. Out of OSC, Joyoushout was born in June of 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, to respond to the increased need for multi-modal, affordable spiritual life coaching and enrichment classes for women youth and consulting with companies and organizations, and groups seeking to become more diverse, inclusive, and justice driven.

Joyoushout: Creating New Pathways of Power and Possibility

Joyoushout, through its founder Rinah Rachel Galper, provides Broad Spectrum Life Coaching, Classes and consulting for individuals and groups seeking support to navigate life challenges and changes with joy, creativity, presence, and power and to become agents of change and healing in our beautiful, troubled world.

Broad Spectrum Life Coaching (BSLC) Overview:
BSLC is ideal for women needing creative and multi-modal support in order to heal and release old narratives (ways of thinking and acting) and traumas that impede the quality of their lives and work in the world.  The goal is always increased joy, peace, presence, and connection.

BSLC sessions, virtual or in-person integrate one or more of these modalities:

  • Spiritual support to help clients cultivate connection with our Source(s) of wisdom and healing to guide their relationships and life choices.
  • Guided spirit journeys (deep visualizations and healing meditations that help us heal and transform)
  • Energy work and healing touch (to balance and build energy and release blockages cause by stress and trauma)
  • Oracle readings (communicating information from Spirit through cards and directly from spirit guides and ancestors)
  • Life cycle and healing rituals (for births, deaths, aging, unions, and leavings or changings of relationships and situations)
  • Addiction and recovery work (including healing with stories and voice and how to transform unhelpful patterns and habits)
  • Trauma and addiction recovery work (exploring and transforming old stories, patterns, and habits)
  • Creative movement (including dancing with Hebrew letters) and expressive arts (creative writing, mosaic, clay, painting, and collage, and storytelling)
  • Decluttering and blessing home and work spaces


Joyoushout Broad Spectrum Enrichment Classes (Registration required at JoyousShout@gmail.com

  • Book journeys for change makers (Open to all genders 16 years and older)
  • Guided meditation and movement (Open to all genders 16+)
  • Dancing with Hebrew Letters (Wednesdays 4-5pm Open to women and girls ages 10+)


Joyoushout is committed to providing equitable and affordable care and support. Clients who are well resourced pay full price so that others with less can receive the help they need. For more information or to schedule your free 30 minute consultation, contact Rinah at joyoushout@gmail.com or call 646 241-7555.

Disclaimer: Spiritual Support is not a substitute for conventional therapy, medication, or medical treatment. If you are in crisis, are suffering from recent or untreated trauma, and in need immediate help, please contact 911 and your health care provider.