Laura Begin CT, LCSWA, LMBT NC License 16799

Business Name: Life Matters Behavioral Health Services
Mobile Office: 919.590.9585

Modalities: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Grief, Trauma, Loss, Sex Therapy, End of Life Doula, EMDR, Psychological Autopsy

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® draws from somatic therapies, neuroscience, attachment theory, and cognitive approaches, as well as from the Hakomi Method by helping clients examine how experiences effect them in their bodies. Traditional psychotherapy models lack techniques that directly treat the autonomic and somatic effects perpetuating the psychological symptoms. Through the practice of mindful observation, clients gradually develop increased ability to become aware of their somatic experiences. Through the client’s growing ability to maintain dual awareness, arousal and affect gradually come under greater control. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy makes it possible for clients to discover the habitual and automatic attitudes, both physical and psychological, by which they generate patterns of experience somatically. SP teaches clients to follow the inherently intelligent processes of body and mind to promote healing. It is particularly helpful in working with the effects of trauma and abuse, emotional pain, and limiting belief systems. Through the use of somatic interventions, unconscious attitudes are brought to consciousness where they can be examined, understood, and changed providing empowerment and competency.

Sex Therapy: Sex therapy is a form of psychotherapy provided by mental health professionals. Clinicians with specialized training treat clients with sexual issues and concerns. Individual or partner psychotherapy is available. Clients meet with the sex therapist in an office setting. A history is taken, one or more diagnoses is established, and a treatment plan is developed. Sex therapy is beneficial for helping clients with desire, arousal, performance, and satisfaction issues. Sex therapy is available for clients who have experienced sexual trauma or abuse, or who are struggling with gender identity or sexual orientation issues, fetishes, sexual pain, or sexual compulsions/addiction. Sex therapists can offer a variety of interventions that may help clients reconnect emotionally and sexually for their own benefit or their partners.

End of Life Doula:
Just as birth doulas help mothers bring their new life into the world, End of Life Doulas provide non-medical, holistic support and comfort to the dying person and their family. Support may include education and guidance as well as emotional, spiritual or practical care. I provide compassionate companioning for you or your loved one who is at the end stages of life. Support is available from onset of diagnosis through palliative and hospice care, in a home, hospice or hospital setting. I offer varied options including advocacy, advanced directives, education, vigil, ritual, ceremony & legacy planning. Benefits of availing an End of Life Doula are to provide information about the natural dying process and help alleviate the fear, anxiety and depression often associated with the dying process. End of Life Doulas can help with decision-making based on the patient’s values. Doulas hold space to approach death as an emotional and spiritual experience, as opposed to a medical experience. An End Of Life Doula is especially helpful for patients who have few family or friends nearby to provide compassionate companioning during the dying process.

Psychological Autopsy: In cases when mode of death is undetermined, an equivocal death analysis may discern between suicide or accidental death. Psychological autopsy aims to discern the mental state of the deceased, often when suicide is implicated. PA is completed by structured interviews, analyzing medical records and conducting research into the decedent’s frame of mind prior to death. For survivors of unexpected and uncertain loss, there are often many unanswered questions that may aggravate the grieving process, or interrupt healing. Perusing psychological autopsy service can help those left behind to gain answers, without having to endure the detailed inquiry, by hiring an objective investigator with a heart.

EMDR: EMDR is a holistic method approved by the American Psychological Association and Veterans Association for resolving the effects on the mind-body that naturally occur after stressful and traumatizing experiences. Studies prove EMDR is effective for single incidents (like a car accident or witnessing a disturbing event) in two or three sessions. The method is time effective by using less talk and literally tapping into our systems natural capacity and desire to reprocess and become non-reactive to disturbing images, body sensations, thoughts and beliefs. The name, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) tries to convey the methods bi-lateral eye movement or body taps and the benefits of guidance by a licensed therapist. EMDR is proven to resolve the effects of previous abusive, neglectful, intolerable or shaming experiences.