Barbara-Lynn Freed, BA

Business Name: Center for Transformational Studies
Phone: 919-942-7754

Modalities: Advanced energy work with Awakening the Heart! Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Mentoring, Astrology Readings and Astrology Classes, Shamanic Apprenticeship, Organic Essential Oil products for Skin Care, Spiritual, Seasonal, and First Aid needs.

As Founder and Facilitator of The Center for Transformational Studies, I also see myself as a Mystic, Spiritual Healer and Teacher, who believes in a holistic approach to life, and loves helping people understand the mysteries and challenges in their lives.

My 35 year eclectic background includes a four year apprenticeship in Native American spirituality and healing, with further studies in Dreams, Women’s Mysteries, Archeo-Astronomy, and the Mystical Branches of the World’s Major Religions, plus a cross-cultural study of ancient and indigenous people’s perception of the land, space and time.. I have practiced as a professional astrologer since 1980, and certified in several energy healing techniques. In 1992 I founded “Awakening the Heart!” spiritual healing practice, and was ordained as an Alliance of Divine Love, interfaith Minister in 1993. After a year of spiritual retreat in 2009, I was called to develop a cross-cultural, shamanic apprenticeship that helps students reconnect with the spirits of nature. Working with aromatherapy for over 25 years, as a professional aromatherapist, I use my intuition, keen sense of smell and insightful knowledge of essential oils to create a fine line of organic essential oil products for the alternative practitioner and general public. If you will like to read about “My Life Story” please visit my website at:

Want to awaken your heart chakra? or Purify & heal your Core Issues? Then my advanced energy work sessions can help you do this and more! Let me help you:

Raise your Consciousness
Develop Inner Peace
Live in the Present Moment.

Sessions are an extension of your previous inner work and/or spiritual path. Energy assessments and/or balancing are available in person or long-distance on Skype or phone.
Awakening the Heart! Spiritual Healing offers advanced energetics for:

Blocked Creativity
Life Direction or Purpose
Spiritual Emergence, Development & Integration.

In my 26 yr old healing practice I work with a variety of modalities such as shamanic guidance, sound, crystal layouts, breath work, light infusions, & somato-emotional release. In a safe & nurturing environment you can easily relax & heal. If you need support in your spiritual journey contact me for results!

My Spiritual Mentoring is perfect for people who do not want energy work. Through deep listening and verbal support, Spiritual Mentoring addresses Finding Forgiveness, Practicing Gratitude, Unifying Life & Spirit, Developing Inner Peace, Trusting Yourself & Divine Source, and Discerning your Life’s Path, Purpose or Passion. Many modalities are used to achieve this such as prayer, dreams, meditation, journaling, breath work, self-care and others. We can work in person or long-distance.

Do you want to learn how to reconnect and work with the Spirits of Nature? Then this apprenticeship is for you! This apprenticeship is different from others because it offers:

Independent Study
Individualized Attention
One-on One Mentoring
Private Spiritual Advancement Sessions that
expand your consciousness and facilitate deep inner work.

Everything learned will become a way of life and serve as useful ongoing skills. Although this is a 3 yr cross-cultural apprenticeship, the student is only required to commit to one year at a time. If you are ready for a life changing experience then this apprenticeship may be right for you! Sound like something you are looking for? Then contact me for a free interview. I’d love to hear from you! Again we can work in person or long-distance.

My Astrology readings are deep and identify your life’s true purpose, your spiritual goals and your Karmic challenges while helping you gain insight into how to grow and change within your current life dynamics.

I specialize in Birth charts, transits, and planetary returns such as yearly Solar returns, Saturn returns at ages 28 & 58 or Chiron returns at age 50. I also give astro-locality readings that can help you decide the best place for you to live.

Readings can be given in person, on Skype or the phone. All my readings are recorded and clients leave with a CD of their reading, plus a print out of their Chart.
If you are interested in having an astrological reading I will need your Birth date, your exact time of birth, plus the city, state and country of your birth. I look forward to working with you!

My classes are different than most because I specialize in small groups of no more than three people that provides you with individualized attention. Through lecture, discussion and extensive handouts my 11 week class series teaches you the language of astrology and its fundamental principles. Because your birth chart is used to explain all of the concepts taught, you also begin a journey of inner growth. These 1 1/2 hour classes are great for the beginner as well as the novice who would like a refresher course, have questions answered or need the information organized into an easy, useable framework. Private lessons are also available.

I also make and market a unique line of aromatherapy products made from organic essential oils and carriers that specialize in enhancing your energy work practice as well as for general use. These lines include Spiritual aromatherapy spritzers, Sacred Anointing oils, First-Aid, and Rejuvenating skin care. Please visit my website for my full-line of products.