Barbara-Lynn Freed, BA

Business Name: Center for Transformational Studies & Aromatherapy Celebrations!
Phone: 919-942-7754
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Modalities: Advanced Inner Development, Chakra Balancing, Chakra Healing,
Aromatherapy, Awakening the Heart! Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Mentoring,
Flower Essences, Astrology Readings and Classes , Web of Life Seminars.
Organic Aromatherapy products for all your Beauty, Bathing, Spiritual, Seasonal,
Travel, First Aid Massage needs.

Advanced Inner Development: This program nurtures an understanding of who you are and encourages you along your spiritual path by exploring the quality of your spiritual development and your spiritual goals, and core issues. We will assess your spiritual goals and spiritual development together. Through an astrological reading you will discover your life’s true purpose and by looking at your chakra development, you will find ways to improve your character and work through your core issues. By facilitating powerful opportunities for growth and healing, you will learn how to transform personal issues and meet your spiritual goals.

Chakra Balancing: Chakra Balancing is a hands-on therapy intended to bring balance and centeredness into the body and its many layers. The practitioner tunes into the energetic qualities of the energy centers and uses touch and sound to enhance well being and balance

Chakra Healing: Chakra Healing repairs damaged layers of chakras, restores their clockwise spin, and reawakens your chakra’s vitality. Whenever we have a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual trauma in our lives, a corresponding layer(s) of one or more chakras can be damaged. Normally spinning clockwise, these layers gradually slow down and eventually, if not healed, will spin counterclockwise. This damage will also produce emotional patterns based on lack, due to a lessening of the life force energy. Chakra healing enables your chakras and emotional patterns to return to a state of balance.

Aromatherapy Celebrations!: Consultations help clients by reviewing and discussing current life situations or challenges, and how an aromatherapy product may restore balance and nurture your well-being. All Aromatherapy Celebrations! products are made from the finest quality, organic or wildcrafted essential oils and whole botanicals. They are free of synthetics and chemicals derived from plants, and are made in small batches for quality assurance and freshness. Barbara-Lynn’s online store provides products for all your Beauty, Bathing, Spiritual, Travel, Seasonal, and First Aid Massage needs. Custom orders are welcomed.

Awakening the Heart! Spiritual Healing: This is an advanced, transformative process fostering personal growth, self-integration and wholeness by releasing old emotional patterns without reliving past trauma. This work helps you become Centered and Grounded, develop Trust, Inner Peace, Higher Consciousness, Spiritual & Emotional Integrity and a Transpersonal Perspective on life (Living in the Present Moment, Feeling Compassion for all of Creation and Walking in World Service). Each session focuses on unblocking, repairing and revitalizing your chakras and energetic pathways, thus restoring a state of balance and moving you along your spiritual path. Some issues addressed are Grounding, Kundalini, Blocked Creativity, Life Direction and Purpose, and Spiritual Emergence, Evolution, and Integration.

Flower Essences: It has been said that for every imbalance on our planet, the plant kingdom holds a solution. Flower Essences are vibrational allies which can balance and heal the physical, mental and emotional challenges we are facing in our attitudes, habits and interactions with the world. Barbara-Lynn Freed creates her flower essence blends from Pegasus, Perelandra, Flower Essence Society, and Desert Essence remedies for individual essences.

Astrology: Transformational Astrology offers deep readings that identify your Evolutionary Goals, Karmic Issues, and Your True Purpose in Life, while helping you gain insight into how to grow and change within your current life dynamics. Barbara-Lynn Freed specializes in Birth Charts, Planetary Returns, and Transits. All readings are recorded for your convenience. Readings can be done in person or over the phone.