Marie Myers Lloyd, NCTMB, LMBT #3696, Reiki II in the Usui Tradition, Reflexologist

Business Name: Stress Solutions
Phone: 919-599-6233

Modalities: Cancer Care Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Heated Stone Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage: A slow, methodical manipulation directed toward the deeper structures of the muscles and fascia in t he body. Deep Tissue Massage increases flexibility, increases range of motion in muscles, breaks up adhesions in muscles, decreases pain, improves posture, increases circulation, increases client awareness, and flushes waste and toxins from muscle tissues.

Heated Stone Therapy: Basalt stones are heated, oiled and used to massage away muscle tension and induce relaxation. This method is especially helpful in easing pain and soreness in contracted tissue. Gemstones can also be used to balance, clear and energize the body’s energy centers. This therapy is often used during a Swedish Massage session.

Swedish Massage: A western style of massage that relieves stress, relaxes muscle tissue, and improves blood and lymph circulation. Swedish Massage consists of gliding, kneading, brisk, and tapping strokes to the superficial skin or deeper muscle tissues. Pressure is light to medium. This session may also include Deep Tissue Massage on specific muscles or muscle groups, as needed.

Reiki: Reiki (Universal Life Force) is an ancient and powerful form of healing which is applied with the hands. Reiki treats the mind, body, emotions and spirit. It brings more life, vitality, clarity, wellness and peace of mind. Reiki aids in the healing process and brings relief from stress and pain.

Reflexology: Reflexology is a therapy involving pressure points on the feet and hands. Through these specific points, systems and organs of the body are stimulated to release toxins, create balance and support a healthier mind and body. The treatment also promotes relaxation and restores vitality by releasing tension and blockages, allowing energy to easily flow and keep the immune system strong.

Sports Massage: Sports Massage strokes are medium to heavy and include compression, pumping, broadening, lengthening and deep friction. Sports Massage consists of three categories: Pre-event, Post-event and Maintenance.

Trigger Point Therapy: Triggerpoints are painful nodules located in muscles or tendons. They often refer pain to other parts of the body and can limit movement and range of motion. Sciatica, tennis elbow and headaches are often caused by triggerpoints. Injuries, improper posture and overuse syndromes and stress cause trigger points to form in the musculature. Triggerpoints are gradually released using deep pressure, movement and energy balancing.