Denise Spector, PhD, MPH, ANP, RYT
Integrative Health Coach and Wellness Consultant for Cancer Patients, Survivors and other Individuals Interested in Reducing their Risk for Cancer through Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Business Name: Moonflower Health & Wellness
Mobile Office: 919.244.3297

Modalities: Integrative Health Coaching, Yoga Instruction

Population: Cancer Patients, Survivors and those at Elevated Risk for Cancer

Integrative Health Coach: Integrative health coaching takes a truly holistic, patient-centered approach by focusing on mind, body and spirit and helps clients envision their optimal health through inquiry and self-discovery. Clients are empowered to set realistic goals and are then motivated to move along the path of behavior change that ultimately leads to a higher state of wellness. Additional resources that may be provided to support a client towards healthy lifestyle changes are educational materials from reputable organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, and referrals to other health and wellness practitioners (e.g., nutritionists, personal trainers, mental health counselors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc.).

Yoga Instruction: Individual and group sessions using Yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and mindfulness meditation practice. In addition to the many physical benefits of yoga, such as improved strength, balance and flexibility, regular yoga and meditation practice, have been shown to decrease stress and pain, as well as improve mood, sleep, and sense of vitality.


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