Audrina Jones Bunton, MA, LCMHCS

Business Name: Audrina Jones Bunton, PLLC
Phone: 919-628-0887

Modalities: Psychotherapy

Do you experience hopelessness, feeling that your circumstances will never get better? Do you feel sad and down, longing to experience joy and happiness? Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed, longing for the day to find emotional relief? Have you experienced a traumatic life event, and feel stuck, unable to move forward in your life? Born number seven of eight children, to parents committed to helping others, I knew that I too was called as a helper. A compassionate, empathetic Licensed Professional Counselor, Christian Counselor, and Purpose Life Coach with over 20 years’ experience, my desire is to provide you with hope, healing, and restoration.

My specialties include depression, anxiety and trauma. In addition, I specialize in Christian Counseling. My theoretical orientation is integrative, and may include cognitive-behavioral, cognitive processing, solution-focused, and experiential techniques. This is done by utilizing the most appropriate interventions to yield optimum results to best serve YOU.

My role as Counselor is to provide an atmosphere that will allow you to take a closer look at your thoughts, feelings, and actions, while guiding you on a journey of change and purpose. Counseling is “heart-work” for me, and I am committed 100% to assist you with accomplishing positive change in your life, and ask that you commit to yourself–to do the same.