Glenda Clare, Ph.D.

Phone: 201-477-8376

• CERTIFIED COACHING: Career, Health, Leadership & Life Coaching
• LICENSED COUNSELING: Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessment, Family & Relationship Counseling
• MISCELLANEOUS: Professional Development Training & Financial Therapy


While you can’t change difficult situations from the past, you can learn to understand and resolve current challenges. I work with clients to break free from long-standing behavior patterns and negative perceptions to identify strengths and achieve greater self-awareness. I work in partnership with clients (individuals, families, teams at work and groups of people experiencing similar challenges) to improve resilience, identify goals, and develop strategies to resolve ISSUES and create a successful alignment to meet personal and professional goals.

Using creativity and sometimes humor, I use various therapeutic methods and techniques including but not limited to solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and mindfulness to get the best results. My office is a warm, safe place to explore your hopes, fears, and goals. I offer evening and weekend appointments.

Deciding to begin counseling and/or coaching services is a difficult decision. Finding the right person with whom to share your ISSUES can be a daunting experience. I recognize this and offer a free 15 minute consultation by phone to help you feel comfortable in making such an important life-changing decision.

You can also learn a little about my style by listening to “We All Got ISSUES” talk show via