Amy Elliott, Ph.D. LPC RDT

Phone: 919-724-1002

Modalities: Healing Drum Circles, Playback Storytelling, Acting is Awesome, EMDR,
Integrative Mind and Body Psychotherapy, Restorative Practices

Healing Drum Circles: Intergenerational. Amy Elliott in collaboration with West African traditional drummer, healer and storyteller Braima Moiwia. Known throughout the Southeast as Brother B (or just B) he brings over 25 years of experience as a performer and instructor in public schools, universities, festivals and DooR to DooR. Studies show that drumming accelerates physical healing, relieves stress and trauma and boots the immune system. We use easy to pick-up rhythmic beats and sing-alongs.

Playback Storytelling: Everyone can learn to tell and play back stories. With respect and empathy, we turn real life stories and moments into powerful images and scenes on the spot. Playback is used in 50 countries with 76 Playback troupes in the U.S.A. Similar to Interplay and movement theater. Playback captures the essential meaning and felt truths of stories. Playback provides a little distance and a new perspective on life. Playback is delightful, playful and insightful!

Acting is Awesome! For people on the Autism Spectrum and other diverse abilities. Groups with Elementary and Middle/High school age. Increases social skills and thinking through interactive theater games and storytelling. The actors make-up stories and scenes based on their interests. Fun!

EMDR: EMDR is a holistic method approved by the American Psychological Association and Veterans Association for resolving the effects on the mind-body that naturally occur after stressful and traumatizing experiences. Studies prove EMDR is effective for single incidents (like a car accident or witnessing a disturbing event) in two or three sessions. The method is time effective by using less talk and literally tapping into our systems natural capacity and desire to reprocess and become non-reactive to disturbing images, body sensations, thoughts and beliefs. The name, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) tries to convey the methods bi-lateral eye movement or body taps and the benefits of guidance by a licensed therapist. EMDR is proven to resolve the effects of previous abusive, neglectful, intolerable or shaming experiences.

Integrative Mind and Body Psychotherapy: This work centers around helping the individual address challenges in areas of Mental, Emotional, Physical and/or Spiritual (M.E.P.S) wellness. The focus is on the individuals’ strengths and unearthing specific challenges that interfere with personal growth. Focus on self-advocacy, decision-making and self-determination are the cornerstones of this work that lead to a more satisfying and independent life.

Restorative Practices: Restorative Practices for Reconnecting and Transforming Relationships. Have you and a family member or someone important to you had a conflict and stopped talking? Have you tried to resolve the tension or problem and gotten nowhere? Having a mediator with specialized training in Restorative Practices can make a huge difference. The relationship might have fallen apart over a misunderstanding or poor choice of words or over a big hurt or wrong-doing. Restoring relationships, not deciding whose right or wrong, is the focus here.