Annabelle Green
Herbal Practitioner
Business Name: Radix Herbals
Mobile Office: (919) 590- 9383

About Annabelle:
I’ve been practicing herbalism for the past 12 years across the US and Europe- as a clinician, a community herbalist, an educator and a medicine maker. The core of my formal education was a 1300+ hour intensive with the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism. I have a broad range of clinical experience- specializing in digestive issues, autoimmune conditions, acute care, pre + post-surgery support, bone health, brain injury recovery and chronic genitourinary infection. While I see people of all ages, since moving back home to the Triangle I’ve been focused on supporting seniors (55+) through the aging process: from aches and pains to arthritis and high cholesterol.

As a practitioner, my style is warm and approachable, merging bio-medical and traditional herbal knowledge. I ask questions, listen intently, and make connections, digging into and addressing the roots of the issue, to cultivate deep and lasting wellbeing rather than just masking the symptoms of ill health.

About Herbalism:
As a clinical western herbalist, I use a mixture of traditional, bio-medical and energetic ways of knowing to assess health issues from different angles and approach the root of the problem. Drawing on folk wisdom, evidence-based practice, and pulse observation, we’ll work to resolve not only the symptoms, but the underlying causes—strengthening and balancing body systems with herbs and lifestyle changes so that ultimately your body can regulate itself.

Our work together starts with a 1.5 – 2-hour intake process, where I’ll take a full health history and a deep dive into your primary concerns. Within a week I’ll reach out with custom made herbal blends (usually based around a daily tea and tincture) and written lifestyle suggestions. We’ll meet for a follow up every few months as things shift and improve.

I’m excited to be at Health Touch and looking forward to seeing you soon! More information on my website at