Jacob Tyson, DPT, Yoga Teacher
Physical Therapy, Yoga
The Wellness Station

Contact Info:
(919) 951-8457


About Jacob:

Education and Training: Jacob obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Virginia and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from UNC-Chapel Hill. In addition, he completed Yoga Teacher Training in 2020, and has been mentored in therapeutic applications of the Feldenkrais Method for the previous two years. Jacob integrates his education and experience to offer evidence-based, holistic care for his patients.

Jacob is passionate about helping people improve their lives through movement, mindfulness, and education. He is especially interested in helping people navigate chronic pain, balance disorders, exercise-related injuries, lifestyle diseases, and the physical manifestations of stress and anxiety.

About Jacob’s work:

The Wellness Station offers integrative physical therapy to help people create a pain-free, active, and healthy life. We assist our patients by restoring healthy movement, changing unhealthy patterns, retraining the nervous system, and creating balance within the body and mind. Our full body approach is aimed at understanding each person’s unique health story and identifying the root causes of issues motivating them to seek help. You can learn more about us at www.thewellnessstation.co. We look forward to connecting with you!