D’aina Ona Urbaitis, LMBT 2686 RYT200
Licensed Massage Therapy

About Daina & her work:
Stress Management was the response I would most often give to the Question ….and what do you do for a living?” Bodywork, Massage, Breathwork & Yoga have sustained my livelihood since the year 2000. During this special time transitioning to the “new Normal” I have chosen to simplify sessions to help people know what they need from Therapeutic touch.

From personal experience as a client of Health Touch I am keenly aware of the Covid compliance protocols that were put in place and updated since Summer 2020. The spacious Free space being ideal to roll out a Yoga mat and revisit or add to a stretching sequence that compliments good home care. Simple Chair Massage sequences serve as an introduction to Massage or Bodywork especially as work ergonomics have gone through shifts ever increasing WFH hybrid schedules. Full Body Massages where one can relax as comfortably as on warm sandy beach will provide a mini retreat to regroup and return home restored.

Customizing a Massage session to meet individual body needs begins of course with discussing what’s working and not working. Working deeper than an introductory Swedish Massage would not make sense on the first visit. Including Aroma therapy oils in a foot bath can be added after selecting appropriate scents. Head, neck & scalp Massage are particularly appealing when overuse such as gardening or seasonal demands compound and time is precious.

Customized Therapeutic Massage: 40-60-90min
Chair Massage: 30min
Yoga Mat Time: 25min

While working in the Hotel & Spa Industry for over ten years I value good skin care. Love the phrase “if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it on your skin.” Mostly I use coconut oil or grapeseed oil. A new favorite local sourced foot cream as a precursor to Reflexology. Some Pule will be implemented with Hawaiian Healing care. (Lomi Lomi & Hula Studies begun in 2010). Intro to Ayurvedic Studies began locally Fall of 2019.

Let’s start with “Who are you, and why are you here?”