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Modalities: Nature Connection, Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Power Animal Guides, The Results System, Life Style Coaching, Conscious Core, Kripalu Body Dialogue, Healing Touch, Light Body Integration, Shamanic Energy Work, Academy for Healing Arts

Nature Connection: Experience the earth as a healing force through time spent in conversation, walking, sitting, lying, and guided meditation—on the earth, with soil, animals, waterbodies or trees. You will have specific take home exercises, tools, and a plan for balancing and healing yourself in relationship with these amazing life forms.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Power Animal Guides: Each of these meditations allows you to reclaim power by integrating parts of self and finding animal guides to support and protect you. Come if you are curious or already experienced and understanding these ways. You will be delightfully surprised at the effectiveness of these systems for calming and resolving issues and reorienting you towards a more fulfilling life.

The Results System: This comprehensive stress management and healing modality incorporates guided imagery meditation, prayer, acupressure, polarity balancing, energy work, neurolinguistic programming, nutritional and lifestyle counseling. Though the use of applied kinesiology and polarity testing, the subconscious, higher mind, and cellular memory (ie the person’s own wisdom) is accessed. This wisdom will bring to light the source of the challenge and the priority of the most appropriate techniques to use that day to alleviate the issue. The body’s wisdom naturally allows only what feels safe and is within the client’s belief system. The beauty of the Results System is the specificity and flexibility to best suit the needs of each individual. The practitioner has been trained to work non-judgmentally, with appropriate boundaries and a large dose of compassion and care!

Life Coaching: Highly skilled professional life coaches provide the expertise and skill you need to create the life you love. We nurture personal and professional fulfillment, personal excellence, relationships, and personal transformation. Learn tools and strategies to reduce stress, improve performance, relationships and quality of life.

Conscious Core: Release limiting beliefs, anxiety and pain through energy work, dialogue and guided meditation. Through non-leading questions, a pattern you have been going through for years will be mapped out on paper for you to gain perspective. A guided meditation with your younger self who took on the pattern will enable you to find out what you need to release the pattern. You will be offered techniques to work with your new positive beliefs, empowering you to be authentic and manifest your visions.

Kripalu Body Dialogue: From Kripalu’s “yoga off the mat” wisdom, this guided meditation session enables you to access your own answers to life issues through awareness and listening to your body. You will leave with new tools to continue accessing your body’s wisdom.

Healing Touch: Healing Touch is an energy-based therapeutic approach to healing. Healing Touch uses touch to influence the energy system thus affecting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing. The goal of Healing Touch is to restore harmony and balance in the energy system to help the client self-heal. This form of therapy is very useful when massage therapy is contraindicated. The client has the option to remain fully clothed during a Healing Touch session.

Light Body Integration: This session allows movement between energy modalities to clear the body, open energy channels, and restore liveliness and balance. Guidance is sought from higher sources.

Shamanic Energy Work: This beautiful and powerful work uses elemental, natural, and man-made tools (stones, crystals, feathers, rattle) as well as earth, Great Spirit and animal archetypes to release and shift major areas of energy and life congestion. Experience this ancient Peruvian tradition that will leave you relaxed, energized and grounded. You will have specific homework utilizing the earth and fire (or candle) ceremonies.

Academy For Healing Arts: Healing Arts Sessions and Training for Healing Arts as a Profession.